Myself working in reputed public sector bank. I am one of the proud owners of a flat in "METRO VILLAGE" promoted by CS Housing Promoters, a thoroughly professional builder. Through there are lot of players in Srirangam and Trichy in this segment the way CS Housing Promoters have build a rapid reputation for excellence and brand name in something remarkable. While the prices are almost unbelievable, nothing will be taken to chance by CS Housing Promoters in its endevaour to present its clients with world class facilities. Despite the prices of construction materials going over the roof day by day, with CS Housing Promoters it is always some notches below that of its peers.

With CS Housing Promoters there will be no hidden costs, no cost overruns and timely delivery of a beautiful and dream house for all those who repose faith in them. Before buying my dream flat in Metro Village, my anxiety made me to undertake an elaborate search with several builders of the area. I can say with certainty that the way CS Housing Promoters responded to my various queries with confidence and conviction is unmatchable.

It is not only my position as an officer in a big Public Sector Bank that allowed me to purchase a flat in 'Metro Village' project, but also the professional presentation of its projects by CS Housing Promoters that ultimately influenced my decision.

- P.Pattabiraman   Canara Bank, 305, BLOCK- A, METRO VILLAGE

I am one of the clients of CS Housing Promoters, writing this performance appraisal based on my personal business deal and experiences with them.

At the outset, I must congratulate Mr. C.Saravanan and Mr. D.Britto Sebastiraj, the two young and dynamic engineers, who have jointly promoted various housing projects and recently, successfully completed METRO VILLAGE Housing Apartment Project at LOTUS COLONY, Melur Road, Srirangam.

Both the Engineers have high sense of dedication towards housing promotion and just not limited to construction business.

The following areas of their conceptual appreciation, which I want to write down as commendable record of performance review.

  • Well planned layout with adequate ventilation and optimum space utilization.
  • Durable and aesthetically good structural design.
  • Meticulous quality consciousness in construction, selection of raw material, hardware items and all other inputs including human resources skills.
  • Excellent surface finish, particularly color contrast and combination.
  • Careful understanding of practical requirements of client.
  • Appropriate and clean transaction and documentation.
  • Overall cost effective, quality assurance, productive and result oriented business approach.

I take the opportunity to wish these two young engineers, success in all their endeavors cumulating in to bright future.

- Padmapriya Ravikumar   205, BLOCK- A, METRO VILLAGE

The quality of construction is one of the best I have seen and the finish is top class. The accessories used are latest in to market. Great amount of effort has gone in to designing, electrification and plumbing resulting in optimum utilization of space. I will readily recommend this builder to anyone without any hesitation.

- R.Soundara Rajan   LIC of India, 101, BLOCK- A, METRO VILLAGE

THANKS TO PROMOTERS for building our 'Dream Home'! Which was our first Home build and we thought it would be a trustful and long drawn ordeal [based on feedback from friends and relatives who had previously built]. From the beginning to the end, they made the building our CUSTOM made Home easy and far exceeded our expectations. SARAVANAN AND BRITTO always paid attention in making custom Homes and have quality craftsman working with them.

- L.Kalyanaraman,M.A,B.G.L. ,  Flat No 213 / Cozy Nest.

Excellent Construction with good finish and best brands are used. This is the best flat in Srirangam admired by all. Your customer service and follow up was great, and the response from your employees regarding this apartment was fantastic. Keep up the good work.

- G.Gokul (proprietor -Shanthi Industries),  Flat No 213 / Cozy Nest .

This Apartment is well planned and constructed beautifully with affordable Prize. The planning of the house is very excellent; no space is wasted and very convenient to arrange our furniture and other house hold items. Thanks to the promoters.

- K.Ramasamy ,  Principal, Nehru Memorial College ,   Flat No 411/Cozy Nest .

This flat is perfectly fits my needs, the corridors and steps are very spacious and well ventilated. After sales and service is great. Any problem was attended to immediately
and to my satisfaction.

While handing over, the house was in a perfectly clean condition even in the corners. In bathrooms, the laying of tiles was very good without any patch work and the slope of floor was perfect. Over all finishing was ex-ordinary.

- S.Eswaran   Professor, National College, Trichy ,   Flat No 401/Cozy Nest .


C for Comfort; S for Satisfaction! That is what I got when I purchased a flat in METRO VILLAGE built by CS HOUSING PROMOTERS in Melur road Srirangam. The excellent finish with quality fittings provide a comfortable dwelling and definitely will give you utmost satisfaction. With natural light coming to all rooms, you feel blessed. The modern facilities are provided in all flats deserves a special mention. Given a chance, I would like to purchase another flat in the upcoming project of CS Housing Promoters! I wish the promoters Mr. C.Saravanan and Mr. D.Britto all success in their future projects.

- V.N.Venkataraman   203, BLOCK- B, METRO VILLAGE

Once we decided to have our own flat in Srirangam, our first choice was CS HOUSING PROMOTERS. To our good luck, we came across this wonderful apartment "Metro Village", and we took no time in deciding "that's what we want!" We were convinced with the quality of the construction and the aesthetics. We were in particular impressed with Mr.C.Saravanan & Mr.D.Britto Sebastiraj transparency and firmness while finalizing the deal, which for us, was the sign of confidence they had, in their product. I extend my compliments to one and all of CS HOUSING PROMOTERS team for the quality of the workmanship, and also for their after sales services. More importantly, the whole team of CS HOUSING PROMOTERS is very nice, knowledgeable and approachable which certainly was way above my expectations. Beyond doubt, the quality of building construction is excellent; the housing environment very conducive to peace & nature, has all luxurious amenities, and boldly replicates living style of the West mixed with traditional Indian style, simply saying "Metro Village". At the end of the deal we say – "We made the right choice!"

- S.Sathia Bala Gangatharan   204, BLOCK- A, METRO VILLAGE

I'm a proud owner of one of the flats at Metro Village, Srirangam. Metro Village offers a very comfortable living in many ways. While climbing the stairs, I feel comfortable because each step is only 6 inches in height. The corridors are very spacious. Inside the flat, above the window, an additional opening covered with glass is provided for extra lighting. The construction materials used and household fittings are of a very good quality. The houses in the Second floor are provided with false ceiling and Mosaic at Terrace to reduce the heat. Other notable amenities include a Community Hall, mini gym, Driver room, Extra toilets for visitors etc. Which provide an extraordinary trouble-free living.

- T.Rengachari   Railway, 304, BLOCK- B, METRO VILLAGE

A right decision took at the right time yes, in deciding to purchase a flat in Meadow castle, Shankar nagar, Srirangam, (Half km from main temples (Rajagopuram). The flats are elegant, well planned, well ventilated with good amount of natural lighting etc. Rooms are spacious. Privacy of the inmates is well taken care of in the layout of flats. Decent well laid car parking. Quality job and services provided by the CS HOUSING PROMOTERS’ full team. I wish them all success in ongoing and future projects.

- S.Ramachandran   S.F - 315, Meadow Castle Apartment,   Mobile : 9443367565 .

Set along the east bank of the river Cauvery, the apartment’s complex “Meadow castle”, lives up to its name. The apartment is nice, spacious and exclusive with modern and good facilities like alternate power, lifts, intercom. It has traditional “Pooja Room” and allotted space for washing machines. Water lines and kitchen arrangement are good too. We have in place a well planned multipurpose hall for social functions and get together and arrangements for visitors stay. The top floor is both functional and has sit outs for spending the evenings with nice friends as living together.  Warm and friendly atmosphere with spiritual and social goodness.

- R.Srinivasan   F.F - 205, Meadow Castle Apartment ,   Mobile : 9840361430.

We have purchased a well planned apartment “MEADOW CASTLE” constructed by CS HOUSING PROMOTERS, in the temple city Trichy very near to temple main tower (Raja Gopuram) and also in the proximity of Cauvery River.  Among the competitive and commercialized real estate field, the MEADOW CASTLE stands as a exceptional piece of work for good quality, value for money with importance of decent human inhabitance. This apartment ensures a commendable level of dwelling amenity with sufficient living space. Campus is decorated with natural environment enough parking space along with all basic facilities for community living.

- R.Chellam ,Chief Section Supervisor,  BSNL, Trichy-1. Flat No.306, Meadow Castle

My family members & myself are happy to say that we are residing at meadow castle. The promoters (Mr. Saravanan and Mr. Britto) are well experienced in constructing luxury flats at an affordable price.

Regarding the flats, they are constructed in a well planned manner, keeping in mind the customers’ needs. They have used the best quality material/hardware available in market for electrical, sanitary fittings.

They have completed two big projects in a successful manner and we wish them a great success in their future projects.

The important features is, the promoters are provided "plaster of parries" (POP) false ceiling roofing for the entire flats at second floor to prevent from sun radiation.

In the terrace they have finished the flooring with mosaic which is more convenient and looks aesthetical.

- S.Chandrasekaran   Manager, Simco Meter, Gf- 106, Medow Csatle